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Working Together to Build Healthy Successful Lives

Our philosophy is based on the concept that through teamwork we will accomplish more and have greater effect in helping build healthy and successful lives.

We are proud of the organizations we are currently partnering with and celebrate with them their many accomplishments as well as the role we are playing in enhancing their service and outreach.

Our Board of Trustees, administrative, professional and volunteer teams are committed to Vincera Foundation’s mission, and we are only just beginning the important work and role we envision in our working together to build heathy successful lives for our community and athletes of the future.

Vincera Foundation seeks to maximize the impact of its resources with a specific focus on the following:

1) identifying and supporting best-practice programs with the goal of making them better through partnerships and collaboration;

2) offering a wide sweep of educational programming in the areas of health, fitness, sports medicine for health professionals and our community to improve best practices and the well-being of our community;

3) initiating innovative medical and clinical research with published outcomes that will help build healthy, successful lives for our community, its youth and our athletes.

We hope you will revisit this Impact page to celebrate with us the results of our efforts and support as they develop.

Betsy Longstreth
Executive Director