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Vincera Children’s Classic 2021

Thank you to all the sponsors, guests and celebrities that made our 5th annual fundraising event a huge success!

If you have any questions about the Vincera Foundation, or would like more information about supporting the Vincera Foundation, please contact Chris Wilmot at 610-368-7657 or 

Event Hosts

About Vincera Foundation

Vincera Foundation is dedicated to enhancing lives through research, education and community outreach.

The Foundation provides medical and professional education to healthcare and health professionals. Community outreach education includes our health and sports injury prevention workshops and seminars for coaches, educators, and students.

The Vincera Foundation’s education programs include:

Core Medical Research Education
  • Best Practices in Core Medicine
  • Medical Fellowships
  • Continuing Medical Education Programming
Community Outreach
  • Workshop for Coaches, Youth Athletes and Parents in Health and Sports Injury Prevention
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About Vincera Institute

Core injuries happen. We treat them.

It happens all the time. Athletes miss playing time due to abdominal, hip, and groin pain that stems from a difficult to diagnose injury. You need it addressed. We can help. The Vincera Institute is the only center in the world dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of core injuries. Quick, accurate diagnosis and treatment. Short recovery windows. Peak performance regained. We get your players back in the game. Visit: to learn more.

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Dr. William C. Meyers

Chairman & President, Vincera Institute

William C. Meyers, MD has dedicated 35 years to pioneering the diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and prevention of core muscle injuries, formerly known as “sports hernias.” He has evaluated more than 25,000 patients, including many professional players from the NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB, Premiership and other soccer leagues, tennis, golf, bull-riding and track and field. In 2013, Dr. Meyers established the Vincera Institute, a center dedicated to the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of core injuries, and the Vincera Foundation, the Institute’s philanthropic initiative providing cutting-edge research and education.

His new textbook, Introducing the Core – Demystifying the Body of an Athlete, unveils numerous new anatomic and physiological considerations and injuries; and why this area of the body had stumped the medical world for so long. To learn more, visit:

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2021 Children's Classic Winners

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