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Jocks2Docs introduces teens to career pathways within sports medicine, offering students a first-hand look into the many roles within a medical facility. The program is designed to fuel student interest in and motivation for academic achievement in preparation for possible future study and careers. Philadelphia has a wealth of community and sports-based youth development programs that are providing havens of safety, sports training, and personal, academic and character mentoring. Jocks2Docs is designed to complement the positive youth development work being done by these organizations. Our goal is to show students that you don’t have to be the athlete to be in the sports industry.

Being a part of Vincera Institute in Philadelphia’s Navy Yard lends great opportunity to expose students to a full range of services that make up a center for managing athletic injuries. Students are introduced to and participate in workshops within all of the integrated businesses housed at Vincera, including a state-of-the art out-patient surgery center, imaging center, physicians’ clinic, physical therapy center, and yoga center. Its leadership and medical professionals are dedicated to volunteering their professional expertise and leveraging the resources of Vincera Institute, in service to our community, through Vincera Foundation.

Our current Jocks2Docs program is 2-4 concentrated workshop days throughout the school year. The goal is to give the students a greater understanding of everyday duties for a variety of professions. Each day focuses on a different part of our facility and includes introductions to professions as well as a hand- on demonstration by the professionals. Below is a quick summary of a 4-day workshop:

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