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Welcome Jocks2Docs Interns

We welcomed our first Jocks2Docs interns from YSC Academy! YSC Academy participated in an introductory tour of our program in the spring, and four students were selected to be a part of our pilot program. The Jocs2Docs intern program at Vincera introduces students to the many facets and career opportunities within the extensive field of sport medicine. Students selected to participate are interested in a potential career in sports medicine and come from one of the region’s sports based youth development programs. Read more about the Jocks2Docs program.

Meet Our Interns

cameron Name: Cameron Keys
Age: 18 years old

Position: Goalkeeper

Team: Philadelphia Union

Hobbies: hanging with friends, playing guitar, playing video games, watching TV

Why Vincera? : I was interested in the health field and working with people to help them heal quickly after injuries. I am thinking about majoring in nursing with a specialization of being a nurse anesthetist. What drew my attention to Vincera Institute was the fact that they had everything in one building and it seemed to work so seamlessly. It was really cool being able to see an operating room and how it functions!



Name: Garrett Keys

Age: 18 years old

Position: Center Back

Team: Philadelphia Union

Hobbies: Hanging out with friends, watching TV, playing video games

Why Vincera? : I am interested in Health Sciences. What I liked about Vincera Institute is the fact that they have everything a patient needs under one building. I have the opportunity to see an operation, see an MRI, and see a patient’s rehab and their recovery. Being here allows me to see and get to the knowledge on a field of interest I want to pursue later in life.


zionName: Zion Gray

Age: 18 years old

Position: Left Midfield

Team: Continental FC

Hobbies: watching TV, playing soccer, hanging with friends

Why Vincera? : The Vincera Institute drew me because I wanted to see the workspace and understand what it means to be a physical trainer or Surgeon. It is cool to see how they work with their patients.


kevinName: Kevin Carvalho

Age: 17 years old

Position: Center Midfield

Team: Philadelphia Union

Hobbies: playing soccer, hanging out with friends

Why Vincera? : I want to be a Sports Medicine Physician. I am interested in learning more things about the medical field as the years go by and Vincera is the perfect place to start since Vincera is a place that I would love working at! Vincera has all the resources that a patient needs in one building. If I patient has just had surgery, then the patient can go straight to the rehab center where you are taken care of right away and start you recovery process. Also, the people that work at Vincera are very personable and help the patient with anything that they need. I want to have the responsibility of helping people heal and feel better.

About YSC Academy

YSC Academy combines world-class soccer training with a rigorous college preparatory program for grades 8 through 12. Their student athletes are committed to
their sport and their learning with a passion to become the best they can be on the field and in the classroom.