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Summer Clinic for Students Run Philly Style

Vincera hosted a Students Run Philly Style Summer Clinic this past Saturday. We couldn’t be happier to have sponsored such a great group of kids.  Vincera’s Biz Magarity, Jim McCrossin, Matt Zoltak ran three very different action packed stations giving the kids a variety of workouts to help with their on-going training for the marathon.

About Students Run Philly Style
Students Run Philly Style is the only program in Philadelphia that offers marathon training to help young people succeed in life. The program achieves this by connecting students with adult mentors who help them imagine and accomplish goals beyond their dreams, including the completion of a marathon. The program delivers powerful results for youth, including increased high school graduation rates, improved health, the development of positive relationships with caring adults and a safe choice of an after school activity. For more information, please visit